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Introducing the $7500 MicroNOW Loan Program for Small Businesses


MicroNOW is Community Investment Corporation’s latest initiative under the SBA Microloan Program that promises to streamline the approval and closing process for business loan requests under $7,500. 


Beth Ann Sweeney of Coppermill Kitchen, LLC was the first to take advantage of a new approach and secured a MicroNOW loan within two weeks of application to help her grow her business. 

To qualify, businesses must be open for at least one year and owners must have good personal credit.

Ms. Sweeney founded her company based on her love of culinary arts, which led her to a deep appreciation for vintage copper cookware; the base for all things delicious.  Coppermill Kitchens purchases vintage cookware wholesale in Europe, re-tins the items for contemporary use and resells them online. MicroNow helped her purchase additional inventory for an upcoming opportunity.

Contact Buck Harris or Aya Beckles Swanson for more information about the new MicroNOW Loan Program.

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