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Buck Harris

Vice President / Manager, Community Lending

Buck brings a wealth of corporate knowledge and entrepreneurial experience to CIC. As a previous business owner himself, he knows much about what entrepreneurs need in order to be successful. Through his consulting support, Buck offers insightful and practical guidance to entrepreneurs of all kinds. From financial projections and business modeling, to marketing plans and growth strategies, Buck helps CIC clients get the financing they need, as well as the guidance to achieve long-term success.

In his role as Vice President, Buck also focuses on making sure that CIC’s loan programs are designed to meet the specific needs of new and growing businesses in New England.

Buck holds an MBA from Quinnipiac University, where he also taught Business Communications as an Adjunct Professor. He had an active role in developing the Quinnipiac Microcredit Program in Nicaragua, which featured university students serving as lending counselors for small business owners participating in the Schweitzer Institute’s microlending program. Buck has repeatedly served on academic and community discussion panels with global experts in microlending such as Nobel Laureate, Mohammed Yunus.

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Buck takes great pride in serving as a consultant to the Quinnipiac Microcredit Program and has enjoyed traveling to Nicaragua with professors and students to support small businesses in the city of Leon.
He has been working on an Autodocumentography, a film genre of his own invention, since 2010, about living with multiple sclerosis. He hopes to finish the film before they find a cure for the disease, which would, of course, spoil everything.
A milestone moment in Buck's academic life was when he received one student’s assessment of his professorial prowess when the student labeled Buck “The most ridiculous grader ever.” To which Buck responded, “There are, in fact, comma rules, my friend.”

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