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D'Amato Builders + Advisors

$1,200,000 SBA 504 Project



40 Connecticut Avenue, Norwich CT

D’Amato Builders + Advisors is using technology and innovation to meet the challenging needs of today’s construction market. CIC and Chelsea Groton Bank worked together to help the D'Amato team purchase land and a building in which to house their company's headquarters.


(Photo right: A completed project at Yale University, courtesy D'Amato Builders + Advisors)




New Image Auto and the CIC Advantage

$424,000 SBA 504 Project

New Image Auto is one of those small, family business success stories that make our work so rewarding.

Everyone needs a good mechanic. Despite new technologies and advances in automotive production, stuff goes awry. All kinds of stuff. You just never know what it’s going to be: a tire, the ac, electrical system, or some mystery issue. That’s when it’s important to have a full service auto repair business in your Contacts list.

Jeremy and Michelle Adametz are the new owners of New Image Auto in Higganum, Connecticut. With the help of a SBA 504 loan from CIC and Webster Bank, the Adametzes were able to purchase and renovate their shop, as well as invest in the latest and most advanced equipment for their business.

What was the CIC advantage in this project? We helped the business owners preserve 5% of their equity during the loan process. You see, their building contains an emissions testing bay that uses in-floor rollers, making it one of the few locations that can test cars like Corvettes. CIC made sure that the SBA understood that the roller system did not make the building “special use”, saving New Image from having to come up with an additional 5% in equity.

For more about New Image Auto, click here

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Artic Tool and Engineering Co. 

$1,300,000 SBA 504 Project


There's an entire industry that's focused on making really important products, yet the stories behind these products don't always make it to the mainstream media. These products are often what help keep our world moving and functioning.

One company in particular, Artic Tool and Engineering Company, produces machined and stamped parts, as well as finished assemblies, for a wide range of applications, including components used in the construction, medical, fastening, appliance, and electronics industries. Artic Tool, a qualified subcontractor for the U.S. Department of Defense, became a subsidiary of The Carlyle Johnson Machine Company in 2009.

CIC, Webster Bank, and Rhode Island Commerce Corporation funded much of the equipment in Artic Tool’s press room. The equipment allows Artic to die-cut flexible metal screen, stamp complex steel parts, and produce custom designs at high capacity, while the company’s tool room enables them to handle smaller prototype orders. This kind of flexibility is critical to the infrastructure of American manufacturing companies today. CIC is proud to help support the continued growth and success of Carlyle Johnson/Artic Tool.

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M. Weisman Roofing Co., Inc.

$1,050,000 SBA 504 Project


Eric Mounsey is the President and sole owner of Weisman Roofing, a leader in the Rhode Island roofing industry.  Eric has been with the company since 2010, and was personally selected to succeed the company’s namesake and founder, Leslie Weisman.

Together with Bank RI, CIC provided funding, in the form of an SBA 504 loan, to Mr. Mounsey so he could purchase and renovate a new facility for his company.

The new location in Cumberland, Rhode Island, not only provides additional space, but is closer to the Massachusetts market, which is an important part of the company’s competitive strategy. Travel costs to customers over the state line have been prohibitive of growth. The move to Cumberland will allow the company to be more competitive with pricing.

Visit Weisman Roofing Company's website.

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brewhouse.jpgBrewery Legitimus

$124,000 Community Advantage Loan

Brewery Legitimus is a brand new craft brewery that began with the help of a Community Advantage loan. Set in the beautiful Connecticut Farmington Valley, the brewery's goal is to provide craft beer drinkers with innovative, artisan Belgian and American craft beers.  Read about it in the Register Citizen.

CIC sends our sincere thanks to Gerson DaSilva of Webster Bank, for referring this project and introducing us to the brewery's founder, Chris Sayer. 

Follow Brewery Legitimus on Facebook.

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Kre8art Studio, LLC


$20,000 MicroLoan 

Kre8art Studio LLC is a brand new paint-it-yourself pottery, glass fusion and art studio located in Monroe, CT. Business owner, Cynthia, brings a ton of experience and artistry to Kre8art. She was a dual major at the University of Connecticut, with degrees in Communications and Fine Arts, and spent the last twenty years as an art director.

The studio offers several kinds of activities, plus lots of fun group events centered around the creative arts. It is especially nice that you can walk in, pick a piece of pottery, and start creating something fabulous right away. 

Kre8art Studio was launched with the help of a $20,000 MicroLoan and the Technical Assistance that is such an powerful component of the SBA MicroLoan program.  

For more information about Kre8art, visit their website.

For details about our MicroLoan program, click here.

Community Investment Corporation and ION Bank Support Valentin Karate with a $338,000 SBA 504 Loan


Hamden, CT  November 23, 2015 – United States Veteran, Efrain Valentin, has been heavily involved in his community for over 25 years. As the owner of Valentin Karate, he runs his acclaimed martial arts program in Meriden and its surrounding communities in Connecticut. Instilling values like respect, self-discipline, patience, and responsibility is the overarching mission of his school.

Efrain started his business back in 1989 in a small studio in Meriden. The program grew quickly, moving into larger facilities and spanning three towns. Today, Valentin Karate serves more than 400 active students.

In a smart business move that would provide better service to his customers and his community, Efrain decided to purchase a building in Meriden that would accommodate all of the businesses’s classes, students, and community programs. Plus, the consolidated space will allow the business to operate more efficiently, increasing profitably and likelihood for long-term success.

CIC and ION Bank partnered on a SBA 504 loan to provide the funds necessary for Efrain to purchase his new facility. 


Splash Guard Oil Deflector Shield, $30,000 MICROLOAN

Norwich, CT

"OW! Why does changing my engine oil have to be so hot and messy?" 

Like many backyard mechanics, George Sawyer has been changing the oil in his own vehicles for years. One day while in an auto parts store, he asked the manager if he carried any tools that would help keep the hot, dirty waste oil from getting all over his hands when removing the drain plug and filter. The store manager said no, and that he wished someone would come up with something to do just that.

George immediatly put his background in aerospace tooling design to work, and began his quest to design and manufacture the "Splash Guard", a simple new tool to help the backyard mechanic save money with less mess and hassle!  

Community Investment Corporation funded a $30,000 MicroLoan for the design, packaging, and prototype creation of his invention. 


Addaero Manufacturing, $1,100,000 SBA 504 Project

New Britain, CT

Addaero Manufacturing is a new company offering 3-D manufacturing services and titanium metal parts for engines used in the aerospace industry. Together with Webster Bank, Community Investment Corporation helped fund a $1,100,000 SBA 504 loan for the purchase of highly specialized equipment that will make three-dimensional solid objects of virtually any shape from a digital model. 

The company founders, Richard Merlino and Cesar Terrazas Najera, are both experts in engineering with advanced degrees and first-hand experience in their industry. 



Haylon's Market, $122,000 Community Advantage Project

Niantic, CT

Deke Haylon, proprietor of the soon to open Haylon's Market, used a $122,000 Community Advantage loan for the build-out of space and the purchase of equipment for Haylon's Market in Niantic.

Haylon's Market provides freshly made meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner - all available to take home. For customers who appreciate having fresh flavorful meals prepared for them, Haylon's is a great alternative to a messy kitchen or the same tired food choices. In addition to offering take-home meals, catering services will be offered by request. 

Deke Haylon is no stranger to the food business. With 30 years of food service experience and private chef engagements for the likes of Joan Rivers and Donald Trump, so expect amazing creations from this talented chef!

For more information about Haylon's Market, visit their Facebook page.

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Fully Rooted, $30,000 MicroLoan Project

Wickford, RI 

Fully Rooted, Inc. is one of our newest MicroLoan borrowers, and quite frankly, a genius little company making delicious, cold-pressed juices. The genius comes from the masterful mixing of fresh produce, beautifully balanced flavors, and the health benefits of a product that remains free preservatives, chemicals and extra sugars.

A $30,000 MicroLoan from Community Investment Corporation enabled the company founders to purchase a commercial juice press in order to meet the growing demand for their healthy line of juices. Fully Rooted juices can be found at farmer’s markets throughout Rhode Island. The company is a member of Farm Fresh Rhode Island, a non-profit organization providing support and networking opportunities to strengthen community-based agribusinesses. 

For more information about Fully Rooted, click here.

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