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Advantages For You 

By partnering with CIC, bankers, brokers, CPA's, realtors and economic developers open up a world of possibilities for both them and their clients. CIC manages the loan process, streamlining it through a unique level of accuracy and efficiency. CIC also manages the personalities involved, reducing the responsibilities on the partner's plate. That means tangible business results and advantages.

To Bankers

  • Fosters a solid banking relationship – beginning with a 504 loan – that positions the banker as a valuable consultant to the client's full financial services portfolio.
  • Create more lending opportunities for owner-occupied commercial real estate by offering a 504 loan option alongside a conventional loan in the financing proposal
  • Reduces the banker's exposure and credit risk with a stronger collateral position by taking the first lien spot, with 50% to 60% loan-to-value.



  • Get expedited loan approvals and avoid commission delays.
  • Enjoy more closings that track as fast as a conventionally-financed deal.
  • Qualify a greater number of potential buyers with the 504 loan's lower equity requirement.
  • Get qualified clients that are more likely to close.
  • Receive commissions without delay.


  • A credible finance option that's easy to sell to clients.
  • Below-market fixed rates.
  • Extended terms.
  • Minimal equity requirement.
  • Soft cost & fee financing.

To Economic Developers

  • Broadens their business base, creates local jobs.
  • Delivers a powerful catalyst to expedite their development goals.


CIC is a liaison with the SBA; helping lenders, professionals and borrowers navigate the paperwork and approval process by:

  • Working alongside the borrower and his/her team of professionals in structuring the project.
  • Preparing the small business loan application while monitoring and managing the process through closing.
  • Servicing all aspects of the SBA 504 loan for the entire term of the loan.
  • Positioning CIC as the partner's specialized small business lending division.

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CIC is an economic development lender contributing financial expertise and practical guidance to small business entrepreneurs in Connecticut and Rhode Island who have powerful ideas and need more power to grow them.