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Third Party Lender Loan Terms

Third Party Lender permanent first position loan terms and rates (including points and fees as applicable) are set by the Third Party Lender with a few simple limitations:

  • The minimum term of the permanent loan is 10 years when the CIC 504 Loan is 20 years (typically real estate projects).
  • The minimum term of the permanent loan is 7 years when the CIC 504 Loan is 10 years (typically machinery and equipment projects).
  • Cross collateralization of the CIC 504 common collateral is not permitted without prior consent (at application time).
  • Cross default provisions and covenant defaults such as DSCR requirements will not be enforceable while the CIC 504 Loan is in place.
  • SBA charges the Third Party Lender 0.5% on the permanent loan as a participation fee.
  • The Third Party Lender should consider the participation fee when pricing the permanent loan. The fee is payable at the CIC 504 closing.


CIC 504 Funding/Takeout

  • CIC 504 Loans fund once a month.
  • CIC issues a bond (debenture) for each 504 Loan it closes.
  • SBA packages the bond together with bonds issued by other 504 lenders around the country and sells them on Wall Street as government backed securities.
  • Proceeds from the sale are wired directly to the Third Party Lender to retire the interim debt on the designated funding date.
  • The CIC 504 Loan closing must occur at least two (2) weeks prior to the District Counsel Cut-Off Date published in the SBA Funding Schedule to ensure the loan is included in the intended month's funding.


View the SBA Funding Schedule.

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